Affiliate Research Projects

Re•Vision Affiliates and student researchers often use and/or adapt our methods to create their own workshops. These artists, researchers, and facilitators have use the Re•Vision method to story a wide range of topics, from eating disorder recovery to Autism and inclusion and beyond. 

We also frequently partner with educators to design digital story experiences with their students in both higher education and secondary school programs. Past educational projects have included work with the Ryerson School of Fashion and the Da Vinci program for high school students. More information about these collaborative workshops can be found on our collaborative workshops page. Here, we highlight several affiliate research projects under the ReVision umbrella.

Enacting Autism Inclusion

Enacting Autism and Inclusion is a Project Re•Vision multimedia storytelling project led by researcher Patty Douglas to bring together autistic people, family members, educators and artists to rethink educational inclusion in ways that desire the difference of autism. This research was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. For more information about the project, researchers, and storytellers, please visit 


Eating Disorder Recovery in Context

As a part of her PhD research, Andrea LaMarre explored eating disorder recovery in social context, speaking to people with lived experience of eating disorders and their supporters about recovery. As a part of this project, funded by the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and, subsequently, the Ontario Women's Health Scholars program, storytellers with lived experience created digital stories about eating disorder recovery.