Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Insight Grant, 2016

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carla Rice

This research project is a unique, interdisciplinary, intersectoral endeavour that focuses on the praxis of promoting systemic change in policies, organizations, and attitudes to advance the inclusion of people with EDs in Ontario workplaces. Our aim is to examine and assess existing information about demographic characteristics (prevalence, employment patterns) of persons with EDs, and the laws, policies, and programs that currently address responses to persons with EDs in Ontario workplaces. The project will also generate knowledge based on insights gained from online surveys, interviews, and arts-based digital stories, knowledge that can be used as resources to enhance employers' and co-workers' attitudes and perceptions and to facilitate organizational change. 


This project has yet to generate any videos; however, the following video helps to illustrate considerations of access and inclusion in a different way. It has been screened to demonstrate how we might re-imagine disability and barriers, including in the workplace.

Reading Blind by Sheyfali Saujani